When you step foot into Hanalei and Kula's you automatically feel the good karma. We are a very free-spirited, fun, eco-friendly, bohemian, boho-chic with a little edge. What a laid-back shopping experience. Where Hawaii meets New York right here on Fire Island - but if they are not from Hawaii - our products definitely have a very funky, cool, boho feel, that is so much fun. You can shop for clothing (super sexy and feminine lines as well as gypsy and hippie type) spa products, specialty perfumes, one of a kind pieces of jewelry, accessories, as well as candles .

I make my own line of perfume oils that we are getting well known for.  With the purchase of any of these oils a donation of $1.00 per bottle is made in the name of my Dear Mom, Joanne Auricchio, who passed away on December 1, 2014 due to lung cancer.  If anyone is interested in this and would like to donate - please just contact me at  

Hanalei and Kula's will make a donation at the end of each year to Dr. Eric Hollander, MD for Research for PANDAS Syndrome (Pediatric Auto-Immune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated Strep). 

Thanks so much, and we hope to hear from you.

Lynnette and Peter Vitale 
516-220-1903   (during season:  631-583-8302)